Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Origin Collection

I imagined the Origin medallions as a collection of lost gold treasure that has been discovered washed upon shore; treasures that speak of power, mystery and history. As if arriving from distant places unknown, these ancient and sacred pieces became more beautiful by the ravages of time, earth and sea. Origin: a collection inspired by daydreams.

Overall, I really like how the Origin collection came together. I have been intrigued by the corroded/weathered effects in my painting recently and was interested in translating that essence into a jewelry design. The raised sand textured spiral motif juxtaposed against the sleek timeless shapes felt like the perfect solution for my desire to combine both geometric and organic. The result is a collection of medallions that are unique and distinctive with out being over the top.

My Step-Mother commented that Origin looked like the child of the Antique Gold and the Prophecy collections. I agree and must admit that I am still searching to create a new but comparable design style to compete with the Antique Gold collection’s continued popularity. However, I think the Exalted Beauty Origin collection is definitely in its own genre. With its bold texture and weathered elements, the Origin Medallions will appeal to those looking for something truly original. I can picture the Origin medallions with everything from shorts and t-shirts and summer dresses to jewel toned evening wear. The rich golden brown of the weathered antiqued gold will be a fabulous complement to summer tans and sun streaked hair and later serve well as a warm earthy accent to the upcoming fall fashions.

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