Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Party Reports!

Wow! It has been a BUSY couple of weeks here at the Exalted Beauty studio! Between the painting deadlines and getting organized for the parties I barely knew which end was up! Oh dear! Lynn (the fabulous Exalted Beauty Sales Representative and my overall savior) and I are still recovering from the back to back Exalted Beauty Medallion Sunday Brunches. Both parties were lots of fun and very successful in different ways. Heather’s party was PACKED, resulting in a lot of sales; while the Mer’s squared was a bit quiet and less attended due to an overwhelming case of group cold and flu, but it did lead to more party bookings. So overall, a great couple of weeks! After these events I feel as though I have a better grasp of what my Exalted Beauties will be interested in for future medallion collections. In listening to what they said and comparing that to what was purchased, I’m seeing a definite tendency toward abstracts, probably a 2 to 1 ratio of abstract to flower medallion sales. In general, there is a continued interest in, as well as strong feedback (from my ladies and their admirers) on the older Black and Antique Gold Collections as well as the newer Sparkling Elegance Collection (which as of now is SOLD OUT). Blue was BY FAR the most purchased color of the two parties (across the board in all collections). The Rounds (from all collections) are still a huge hit. The Animal Medallions did *okay* but I’m still waiting to present them to the horse women before I pass judgment on their *sale-ability*. I suspect that the Animals will fall into the *character piece* category with the Countenance and Darkling Collections, which have had a slow but consistent sales rate. Speaking of *character pieces*, I’m very happy to report that two Uterus Medallions found new homes with brave, bold beauties! Yay! I’m so proud! My wonderful patrons never stop surprising me with their open minds and their fun and sophisticated sense of fashion. These ladies are always quick of wit and ready to laugh. Spending time with them, and actually seeing everyone wear the medallions I made, makes me so happy and reminds me of why I do what I do; there really is no greater satisfaction. I know, corny, and probably horribly egotistical, but true! What can I say? It is nice to be appreciated! Anyway – that’s my report! All of this positive feedback has really inspired me and I have already begun working on a couple of new medallion collections! My brain is bursting with ideas! So stay tuned! I’ll be presenting new work very soon!

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