Friday, March 28, 2008


No, silly, I just became extremely consumed by the creation of my latest Exalted Beauty Medallion collection!

The Muse had me rethinking the tools I collected last summer from Man Land:

There has been a continued interest in the Exalted Beauty Amulet collection (created with impressions of the tools collected from Man Land):

So it had me thinking… But while I was happy with the unexpected ancient looking results, I never quite accomplished my goal of creating a collection that felt “sleek, industrial and very modern”. That desire has continued to nag at me. And according to recent fashion forecasts the Industrial look will remain popular this season.

Steampunk, Clockpunk and Bio-Mechanical are also emerging to the forefront as hot new fashion trends. But with those words in play, I have a feeling you will be anticipating something completely different then what actually happened. Stay tuned because I plan to provide the first look at the Exalted Beauty Mindworks collection very soon!

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