Thursday, April 10, 2008

Animal Paintings Sold

Yesterday I said goodbye to:

Cheetah’s Gaze

Wolf Pack

Leopard’s Lair

and “Once Upon A Dream...

These four paintings from the Animal Series went to a wonderful fine art collector who is passionate about animal imagery. I am thrilled that these pieces found a great home! My paintings all have enormous sentimental value and it is important for me to feel like they are going somewhere they will truly be loved and cared for. I feel very good about this sale and I am extremely honored by the interest and appreciation in my art! Thank you so much!

And thank you AVA Gallery & Art Center for facilitating this process. Bente Torjusen and the staff at AVA did a phenomenal job!


Miachelle said...

Congratulations! The paintings are beautiful, and you definitely deserve such a terrific sale.

Vikki said...

Congratulations from a far away friend who just adores your painting styles.

Leah said...

Congratulations Amy, so glad your paintings are going to a good permanent home!

Exalted Beauty said...

Thank you so much Miachelle, Vikki and Leah! :)