Thursday, April 03, 2008

Inspiration: Clockpunk

Today’s inspiration is Clockpunk!

“Clockpunk is a sub-genre of the speculative historical fiction genre called Steampunk. Clockpunk is characterized by modern technologies accomplished using clockwork mechanisms and generally excluding steam power, electricity, and the internal combustion engine. The chronological setting for Clockpunk fiction is pre-Industrial Revolution, whereas steampunk is late 19th or early 20th century. A Clockpunk novel might include a world, Earth or another planet, which has been so dramatically revolutionized by DaVinci's mechanical inventions that its technology rivals our computers, phones, etc., while most other factors (some combination of social structure, politics, customs, clothing, etc.) would remain relatively true to the 15th century. Gears and cogs but no steam...that's not Steampunk, its Clockpunk.”

The image above is from
Da Vinci Automata which is the absolute best blog I’ve found on Clockpunk!

Check out these unbelievably handsome Clockpunk images on
Flickr by Killbox:

Eye-Catching aren’t they? The actual mechanisms are so small, but seen in this light they become intensely monumental and symbolic. These old fashioned clockwork mechanisms really appeal to me. Beyond the genre of Clockpunk, I feel a personal connection to both the physical and symbolic aspect of clocks. Time is something that I feel defines me; it inspires, controls and consumes me. As you can see from my body of work, I have had an undying interest in the process of the life cycle, which in essence is time. In my early paintings I used gear imagery often in combination with the Uterus to symbolize my inner clock. I am someone who is always on a schedule and in tune with the ticking of the timepiece. In fact, call it one of my many quirks, but I have a knack for keeping time down to the second. I’m one of those people who knows instinctively when a timer is going to go off, like the alarm clock or when something is done baking in the oven. Although, I have yet to convince my husband that this is an actual super hero type power, but it is useful and something I think about frequently. It’s one of the many questions/concepts that led me to imagining how the mind works, which has led to the creation of the Exalted Beauty Mindworks collection! Stay tuned! I plan to reveal the first look at Mindworks tomorrow!

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