Friday, April 04, 2008

Introducing Mindworks!

Now that I’ve shared the inspirational trends of Industrial Fashion, Biomechanics, Steampunk and Clockpunk, I’d like to present what I was inspired to make!

Here is a bit about how it was made: The Exalted Beauty Mindworks Medallion Collection was created from polymer clay, using everyday household objects as tools; nuts, bolts, buttons, nails and gears. With these, I (instinctively and intuitively with no *agenda* other then the aforementioned *inspiration*) created a large assortment of original texture plate designs and molds (also from polymer clay). Each medallion consists of individual elements that were sculpted, molded, carved, sanded and fired in three to five stages. All of the 144 Mindworks medallions were individually designed, no two medallions are alike. As you can see, this was an enormously laborious process; I literally carved my fingers to the bone! Not kidding. But I think it was worth the blood, sweat, and tears, because from that effort emerged a body of work that I am unbelievably excited about! Are you ready to see what I’m talking about?

Here is the first look at the unfinished Exalted Beauty Mindworks collection:

Does the Exalted Beauty Mindworks collection look anything like you imagined? Do you get a feel for how the conceptual and physical influences of Industrial Fashion, Biomechanics, Steampunk and Clockpunk relate back to Mindworks?

When I look at the Mindworks collection as pictured above, as a conceptual whole, I see not only individual medallions, but a body of work exploring the symbols and processes of creative thought and productivity, illustrating the inner workings of the artist’s mind. The combination of unlikely elements has a surreal aspect that is both culturally relevant and personally meaningful. The individual components: symbols of insects, botany, traditional tools and design elements, combine and interact in a way that discusses thought constructs, alluding to the internal clock, as well as brain waves and mental patterns. The dominating presence of gears symbolizes the obsession with the *brain as machine* and the desire for the ultimate gear *click*, representing the creative epiphany. Another leading symbol in the Mindworks collection is the dragonfly, which is often seen as the harbinger of dreams that bring change, wisdom and enlightenment, as well a symbol of the emotional and mental working together. While creating these, the wide range of symbolic imagery seemed to have merged together effortlessly, intuitively, calling to mind age old concepts of thought and the process of creation. This is a collection overflowing with dream fodder; the colorful flight of the dragonflies, the grinding of mental gears, the contented buzz of worker bees, the lazy droning of flies, the first brilliant seeds of inspiration, to the luminous blooms of creation. To me, the Mindworks pieces represent how we fantasize the mind works.

What are your thoughts? What inspires you?

If you are interested in reading more of my thoughts on the mind, read
Chapter 12. Brain from my book “Dissecting The Western Woman Artist: An Artist’s Dialogue”. It focuses on “Gendered Thought, Female Intellect and Feminine Consciousness”.


Miachelle said...

I absolutely cannot wait to see them in color. We MUST talk!

Terrific work, really I do believe the best medallions yet!


Lynda said...

I am LOVING these. Can't wait to see them when they're finished.

Exalted Beauty said...

Thank you so much Miachelle and Lynda! :)