Monday, April 14, 2008

Medallion Review

Saturday after Erin’s fun and fabulous Baby Shower, I was invited to do a post shower medallion exhibition with a few of my long term collectors. I brought along a small sampling of medallions to display, but mostly my interest was in the *in person* perspective on the Origin collection. The results were mixed, the comments were very positive but actual sales leaned toward more spring colored pieces (primarily from the Prophecy and Ravishing Round collections). I’m not sure how the heavily textured Origin pieces will fair overall, but then again I had doubts about the Prophecy collection for the same reason, so as usual, it will depend on the day/audience.

I really like the Origin collection and I think it will be perfect for summer tans and fall wardrobes. But with snow still on the ground and dead brown vegetation as far as the eye can see, it’s no wonder that we are clinging to the hope and colors of spring. Unfortunately, the catalog photos do NOT do the individual Origin pieces justice. I was unable to capture Origin’s true essence as I had an extremely difficult time trying to photograph the texture without the refractory light effects. Most annoying, but I decided to let it go because (the Mr. begged me to stop obsessing) most of the sales will be in person anyway. The reality is that the catalog serves primarily as a record keeping device, only a small percentage of the medallion sales are on-line.

Also, I wasn’t able to string/photograph/catalog the Lifespark collection in time, but I did wear a sample piece in an attempt to further my *reaction* survey. I think, after Saturday's male response that these will be more favorably received then I had originally thought. Most of the men surveyed were very polite in their response/reaction and perhaps the word sperm never would have crossed their minds if it hadn’t been alluded to by me and their female counterparts. I still feel that they are simple, elegant designs with a beautiful stone like finish that will appeal to a wide range of women… IF I can keep my mouth shut about the imagery.

Overall, the real excitement/interest seems to be in the new Mindworks medallions so I’ll present a sneak preview of the Mindworks finish for you to contemplate next, while I finish up the beading on Lifespark. Stay tuned!

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