Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Progress Report and Upcoming Events

Now that April is coming to a close, it’s time for the First Third of the year progress report. 2008 has been a very productive year so far!
Here is what was accomplished January-April:

* Completed 34 New Paintings:
6 Tapestry Paintings

16 Garden Room Squares
12 Exalted Beauties
* Entered 2 of N.A.W.A’s Juried Competitions and was accepted to the New York Hall of Science Exhibition.
* Participated in the 2008 AVA Silent Auction (Sold Square 7).
* Sold a number of paintings from both the Garden Room series, and the Animal Series (Also through AVA).
* Completed 3 New Exalted Beauty Medallion Collections:
Origin (40 medallions)

Lifespark (45 medallions)

Mindworks (144 medallions)

+ added 41 new medallions to the Ravishing Round collection

* Three Exalted Beauty Medallion Parties, private studio viewings and an increase in on-line purchases.

This is what is on the schedule for Upcoming Events (May-August):

* Upcoming Exhibitions:
New York Hall of Science Exhibition (Opening May 17th)
Plainfield Art Show (July)
Annual AVA Juried Competition (July)
Cornish Art Show (August)
Annual N.A.W.A. Exhibition
* Medallion Parties (Starting with Ro’s May 9th and Lori’s on May 18th)
* Medallion Collaborations
* The Living Painting (a continuation of the photographic presentation of what’s growing in my wildflower meadow)
* A New Painting Series (Inspired by The Living Painting)
* A New Medallion Collection (Inspired by The Living Painting)

Now that the weather is warmer, I will be doing my best to take advantage of every warm sunny moment! As you can see from the schedule above, I have a lot of exhibition events coming up, but the spring and summer season is also the time for fun family adventures, home and garden projects and Caden’s long list of activities. So, because of our busy schedule, the completion of new paintings and new medallion collections will be less frequent over the next third of the year. There WILL be art, just not AS much! To keep you entertained in the interim (due to your numerous requests and enthusiasm), I will be posting my floral photography spotlighting the inspirational creations found growing in my Wildflower Meadow (otherwise known as The Living Painting). So stay tuned for plenty of fresh and fabulous botanical goodness this spring and summer season! The Living Painting project starts again tomorrow!

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