Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Living Painting Returns

Mother Nature has been working fast to make up for that dreadful record breaking winter we had here in New Hampshire; Spring is now in full swing! Growth is quickly emerging, new leaves are unfurling, bright green abounds and the woodland flowers are literally bursting to life. To celebrate this much anticipated event, I have decided to commence year two of the Living Painting project! Read my post “Dormant Canvas
to get a background or just stay tuned because I’m about to post a whole lot of botanical inspiration from the master of all design – Mother Nature! Who has more experience then she? Her creations have stood the test of time; they are built for strength, purpose and beauty, which is something we all strive for in the creation of our own art. I’ll be posting photos as the flowers emerge in the meadow and surrounding woodlands. I hope you will find joy and inspiration in the Living Painting presentation!

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