Monday, May 19, 2008

The Lori Party Report!

Lori’s Medallion party was lots of fun! My hostess was a brave and bold Exalted Beauty; she graciously pulled off her fabulous event on ONE foot! Apparently, the poor dear broke her other foot while practicing some Evil Knievel moves on her motorcycle! Oh my! That-a-girl! Not only is she an extreme adventure diva, the woman can also make a mean chocolate chip cookie! Yum! Great food and atmosphere! The party setting was fabby, Lori has a charming country home set in the most picturesque landscape! She and my cousin–in-law Bunk own tons of gorgeous acreage and are at my envy! Their land is a dream! My mother-in-law Susie and I ohhhed and awed over the adorable horses and beautiful scenery on the ride there. Fabulous! A perfect Sunday afternoon drive! When we got there, Lori had us set up in the dining room which was lined with big windows letting in tons of natural light. The space was large enough for a six table display (700 medallions) which looked really nice and I’m sad I forgot to bring my camera – again! The medallion sales leaned toward a predominance of Rounds (Ravishing, Autumn and Spring), Flowers (from all floral collections) coming in second, and a range of single sales across the collections, including pieces from Lifespark and Uterus! With these results, and my medallion stock depleting, I’m thinking my next Exalted Beauty Medallion collection needs to be floral and soon! I had a wonderful time getting to know Lori and I really enjoyed meeting her friends and family. I’m looking forward to spending time with these ladies again in a few weeks at Lisa’s party! :)

[Side Note - the Exalted Beauty Catalogs are currently down so there is a delay on the update of SOLD items. Please wait until later this afternoon to place any new orders. Thank you!]

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