Monday, May 12, 2008

The Ro Party Report!

Ro’s Party was another fun and fabulous success! This was Rockin’ Rosalie’s third time hosting an Exalted Beauty Medallion party, so setting up on familiar turf came together with ease and I was able to really relax and enjoy this great group of ladies. It was fantastic to see so many familiar faces of friends and family and to meet some wonderful new medallion fans. Lots of entertainment! I really look forward to seeing this group again at The Divine Julie B.’s upcoming medallion party!

Mindworks was the most purchased collection (receiving unbelievably excited reviews!!!), with flower medallions (from Florasphere, Pearl Blossom, Fall Flowers and Winter Garden) coming in second. There is still a strong interest in the Prophecy collection, Rounds remain a staple and interestingly Silver Animals were of consequence. Lifespark and Origin were much admired, but not yet purchased by this group. I think that’s all I have to report as far as sales trends.

My next medallion collection will most definitely be *floral* but I don’t have a plan just yet. My brain is completely clogged! I am really out of it due to another awesome cold and allergy combo that hit me full swing Friday afternoon and doesn’t seem to want to ever go away! It’s wretched. I can’t say how much I appreciated Lynn’s help Friday, the combination of cold and allergy meds has made me seriously wonky; add in the new price change, and simple math was well beyond my grasp! Yay for Lynn! My hero! :) I was so far gone apparently it seemed as though I deserved the comment that “Beauty and Brains are never in the same package”. I did my best to graciously accept that as a backhanded complement and held back my usual automatic (and rather defensive) response about my having earned a Master’s degree (“Kiss My Ivy League Ass!”). Perhaps I’m getting mellow in my old age? More likely it was the meds. :)

I have a REALLY busy week ahead with the usual Mommy-Caden happenings, a new painting series underway, my HUGE seed order arrives today (signaling the start of many exciting new and rather laborious gardening projects), a meeting with the renowned Carpenter Dave tonight about our upcoming home construction projects, a post surgery follow up at the Gynecologist on Wednesday (appointment as well as impending results causing me great anxiety), a painting exhibition opening in NYC on Saturday and Lori’s Exalted Beauty Medallion party on Sunday! Crazy busy! But don’t worry; I have plenty of Botanical Inspiration coming up as well as oodles of new specimen photos from The Living Painting! Stay tuned, I’ll be back first thing tomorrow with your motivational fix!

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