Monday, June 09, 2008

A Poppy Series

Here are some Poppy photos from last year’s Living Painting:

After some extensive soul searching, I finally accepted the fact that I NEEDED to create a Poppy painting series. I tried to break away from working in a series, but apparently the series thing is how I am wired to function. I have a passion for Poppies and plenty of gorgeous inspirational reference photos (as seen above from last year’s Living Painting), and a profusion of freshly planted poppies on the way (3 BRAND NEW Poppy gardens!), so I thought, how could I not? I know this will be an extremely difficult challenge for me to focus on just one subject, but unexplainably, it is something I feel I must do.

The objective with this series is to create a collective ensemble of compositions, at once dependent and independent, completely focused on the Poppy. The Poppy series will be a personal examination of the act of perceiving the Poppy within an emotional context. The intention is to reconstruct nature according to the formal and expressive potential of the Poppy itself, while using it as a vehicle to portray human relationships, expressions and feelings. I hope to move beyond the purely decorative stage to create truly charged emotive statements with Poppies.

Series Development: At this point, I have spent hundreds of hours over the past few months working on my new Poppy series (Meaning, the series has moved far beyond impulse and whim to a rather laborious endeavor of thought, dedication and love). The drawing aspect focused on the design and development of a signature *Fraser* Poppy which eventually led to the construction and progression of 42 unique Poppy compositions that I felt were evocative of human emotionalism. The 42 Poppy drawings have been completed in a 12” x 12” square format on archival acid free 140lb watercolor paper. After the drawings were done, I moved the concentration onto the painting process, focusing on light, color and texture (which is what I am working on now). The goal is to finish painting three 12” x 12” Poppy pieces a week until the series is concluded (unless otherwise sculpting medallions, exhibiting or on vacation). If all goes according to schedule, I will have new Poppy paintings ready to submit to the upcoming National Association of Women Artists competition “The Nature of Things” (Postmark Deadline June 23rd), AVA Gallery’s “15th Annual Juried Summer Exhibition” (Deadline July 7th) as well as new Poppy paintings to exhibit at the Plainfield Art Show the week of July 4th and the Cornish Art Show in mid-August!

As you can see, the exhibition Deadlines are right around the corner! So stay tuned! I’ll need your help choosing competition submissions! I’ll begin presenting the Poppy paintings tomorrow...

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