Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Upcoming Events

Oh My! It has been a busy couple of weeks! So much has been going on; the daily swim lessons, meeting new friends, woodland walks, experiencing a fantastic farm visit with Melanie (Caden LOVED the Chickens and Sheep!), a fabulous trip to the movies with Joy’s Camp, Michelle’s surprise Birthday Party, our Wedding Anniversary as well as the usual roster of life stuff; mainly, keeping our little *Force Of Nature* busy as well as attempting to keep up with Mother Nature who has been diligently reeking havoc in our gardens! Between the weeds and the insane flood of veggies coming in, gardening could become a full time job at the Exalted Beauty estate! Needless to say, time has just been flying by. And as usual, August has once again subtly crept in on its hot little cat feet, signifying the end of summer. That’s always a bit of a downer, but happily I’ll be closing this season out with a bang! I am fortunate to be participating in two grand Art Exhibitions in August! I hope you will join us for these very different, yet extremely entertaining art events. Please save the dates! Here they are:

The 8th Annual Art Show & Sale

Open: August 15th, 16th and 17th, 2008
Cornish Fair, Cornish Town Hall, Cornish, NH
For more information visit the Cornish Fair Website.

119th Annual N.A.W.A. Exhibition
Open: August 24th - September 28th, 2008
Goggle Works Center for the Arts

201 Washington Street, Reading, PA 19601
For more information visit the Goggle Works Website.

I will post reminders about these two events as we get closer to the dates! Next time I stop by the blog I’ll share some new work in progress! :)

Big Ego Alert!

Oh dear! Watch out! Here comes a massive ego inflation! I’ve got a grin from ear to ear! I just read 88 great comments about this Exalted Beauty Medallion:

My fabulously talented and wonderful friend Cyndi from Jewelry and Beading is giving away a FREE Origin Medallion! All you have to do is leave a comment and let her know why you would love to have it and you may win!
Go HERE for your chance to participate!

Go HERE to see the rest of the Exalted Beauty Origin collection.

If you have your eye on a specific piece, stake your claim! There will not be another one like it! Each Exalted Beauty Medallion is a one of a kind original, never to be repeated, and nothing is ever made to order. The Medallion catalog may appear to be well stocked for the time being, as I’ve been focusing on my paintings and gallery exhibitions these past summer months, but do not be lulled into believing your favorite piece will wait as I have many Exalted Beauty Medallion party hostesses lined up! The Exalted Beauty party season will be swinging into full gear in September! The medallions literally fly out of stock as we get closer to the holidays. Happy shopping everyone! Hope you find something you love!

A Force of Nature

Let us examine a moment in the life of Caden:

With the copious amounts of pure unbridled energy this boy exudes, he is undeniably a force of nature!

Garden Fox

Adorable Porcupines

Mama and Baby Porcupine were gracious enough to pose for a multitude of photos while they were enjoying their late morning snack:


Here is the latest batch of Zinnia blooms in the “Potted Plot”:

Chasing Butterflies

Obtaining beauty is probably a lot like chasing butterflies…

Perhaps beauty, like the butterfly, is best beheld at a distance. Getting a close look at that creepy mug makes me second guess my notion of beauty!

Wild Turkeys


The Cosmos are coming! Here are a few of the first arrivals to the Wildflower Meadow:

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tolerating Mama

My poor son puts up with the many wants, wishes and whims of his creative (read: eccentric) mother. Here he is posing with the Poppies and posturing with the Zinnia’s in the “Potted Plot”:

Looks miserable huh? Not really. Though, he is a good boy to tolerate such craziness from his Mama. Laughter helps. You might be surprised how amused a child will remain when being photographed by a woman wearing Mickey Mouse buns in her hair! Ah yeah, ridiculous hair dos and excessive floral photos are definite indications as to my current mental state! My brain is on vacation! Apparently I am in extreme denial about all of the deadlines I have looming overhead. I guess I better get back to work. I’ll return with art announcements soon… I hope.

Night Watch

Here’s Max watching over us as day turns to dusk:

Blooming Zinnias

The Zinnias of the "Potted Plot" quickly unfurled revealing these magnificent marvels:

I adore the Zinnia’s intense bold colors, the diversity of textures and the fabulous multi-petal layers. Beautiful! The Zinnia’s exquisiteness has served as a source of inspiration for many previous Exalted Beauty Medallion designs.