Wednesday, July 16, 2008

AVA Notification

I received the AVA notification on Monday and discovered that my work was NOT accepted to the upcoming juried exhibition. I’m frustrated but not surprised. Under normal circumstances I might have taken a moment to wallow in the disappointment of it all but (fortunately?) I have WAY too much going on to give it more then a passing thought. I had a Big Dilemma on Friday afternoon that temporarily sent me through a loop. I’m just now recovering from all of the hoo-hah (Let you know more about THAT in a future post.) Then, Caden’s swim practice started this week, while lots of fun, it is consuming most of the mornings and leaving us a bit discombobulated from the change in routine. By the time we get a rhythm going, class will be ending and then summer will be on its way out. Once again we will be left wondering where it went. In an effort to combat just that, I’ve been making myself take a time out every now and again to stop working (stressing) and really enjoy the summer. Balance is key, the yin and the yang. Rejection is also significant, because it helps to maintain humility and forces one to try harder. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, it is very much appreciated. Now lets move on to some stress free thoughts while I share some fresh, calming, mid-summer goodness. Get ready to get your Zen on.


Lynda said...

Okay, well the AVA must be totally nuts not to accept your submission. I think it's Glorious.

Exalted Beauty said...

Thank you so much Lynda! That was very nice of you to say! When I went to pick up my work the gallery director let me know it was in the running until the very last. I thanked her for telling me, but said it was more painful to know that my work was *almost* good enough. Oh well, onward and upward? And all that? :)Amy