Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Big Ego Alert!

Oh dear! Watch out! Here comes a massive ego inflation! I’ve got a grin from ear to ear! I just read 88 great comments about this Exalted Beauty Medallion:

My fabulously talented and wonderful friend Cyndi from Jewelry and Beading is giving away a FREE Origin Medallion! All you have to do is leave a comment and let her know why you would love to have it and you may win!
Go HERE for your chance to participate!

Go HERE to see the rest of the Exalted Beauty Origin collection.

If you have your eye on a specific piece, stake your claim! There will not be another one like it! Each Exalted Beauty Medallion is a one of a kind original, never to be repeated, and nothing is ever made to order. The Medallion catalog may appear to be well stocked for the time being, as I’ve been focusing on my paintings and gallery exhibitions these past summer months, but do not be lulled into believing your favorite piece will wait as I have many Exalted Beauty Medallion party hostesses lined up! The Exalted Beauty party season will be swinging into full gear in September! The medallions literally fly out of stock as we get closer to the holidays. Happy shopping everyone! Hope you find something you love!

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Cyndi L said...

130 and still climbing! :-)