Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dramatic Poppies

Here are some dramatic views of the Poppies growing in our front gardens:

Why do I think these photos are “dramatic”? I think singling out animated subjects such as the diversely expressive Poppy is the most important aspect to creating visual drama. Then, capturing the essence of sunlight, and choosing to photograph the subjects from unique angles, expressing a wide variety of gesture, shape, movement and contrast creates a sense of drama within the composition. Incorporating surroundings that hint at earth and sky also help to communicate emotionality; the visual power of beauty can be expressed while also alluding to physical fragility. Meaning, time is fleeting for the Poppy; its lifespan is a precarious thing dependant on weather. One rainstorm will quickly diminish the Poppy’s beauty, forcing it to shed its petals, leading to a symbolic death. I believe it’s this unknowing, unpredictability and preciousness of the Poppy as subject that creates a vulnerability leading to dramatic tension. But then again, these could just be the ramblings of a Poppy obsessed fool. And admittedly, I’m looking at these from a painter’s perspective, seeing them with their potential in mind, and wishing desperately that I could paint as fast as I can take pictures.

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