Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Rainy Days

We have had a lot of rainy days here lately, but it is hard to get depressed about the weather when you see a face like this:

Shortly after that photo was taken we were bombarded with hail the size of marbles. Check out this shot of my poor seedlings!

So far it looks like most everything around here has survived the storms, meaning our new gardens as well as our recently refinished driveway, but things are much too wet and we are in desperate need of some long term sunshine. For the past few weeks the sun has done little more then tease us, then rain returns. At this very moment I’m listening to thunder tear open the sky announcing yet another rain storm. I think I’ll combat the gray by posting a little sunshine. Stay tuned, I have lots of frivolous floral fun on the way! Ah, that is if the power doesn’t go out!!!


Lynda said...

Wow, Wow, and Wow!!

The paintings are beautiful!

The flowers are stunning. You take such great pictures!

You are so blessed to live somewhere with trees and flowers and wildlife and RAIN!
I'll trade you my sunshine for your rain any day!

Exalted Beauty said...

Thank You Lynda!
Where do you live?
Are you in the south?
The sun is back - I guess I have you to thank! I'll try to send the rain in your direction next time! :) Amy