Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sunflowers and Melancholy

Here are the first Sunflowers to arrive to “The Living Painting” this season:

While the Sunflowers are one of my all time favorite flowers, their arrival saddens me a little because it signifies the end of summer, and the onset of yet another birthday. As each year passes I tend to get a bit melancholy over all of the things I wished I had accomplished and still have not. But this year, I have a new mantra! Rather then dwell on what I haven’t done yet; I’m going to stay positive about what I have accomplished, and rethink and re-evaluate (from an older, wiser perspective) what I would still like to accomplish. I’m going to focus more on staying in the now and enjoy each moment for what it is. Instead of being saddened by my aging, I will TRY to be more thankful that I’m alive to see another year. I had a pretty good scare last fall, and while I tend to block out my 13 year battle with cancer (unless I’m about to be on the table again), I think I need to be more consciously aware of the fragility and meaning of life. Every once and a while I think it would help to do a reality check to remind myself of what’s truly important. Happiness and success are however we individually define those concepts. I’m deciding that this birthday I will celebrate the fact that, by my terms, I am both happy and successful. Please join me in this celebration, by enjoying living in the moment as we peruse through a profusion of posts focusing on fresh floral goodness from “The Living Painting”.

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