Friday, August 22, 2008

Wild Kingdom

The York Wild Kingdom was the primary destination on our Maine adventure. It is known as “the largest zoo around”. We were not disappointed by the vast spectrum and variety of exotic and wild animals presented. I did my best to take photos but I found between the shade trees and the fencing, the shots didn’t do the exotic creatures justice. Seeing these wondrous beings in person is infinitely better, although, I do hate seeing them “behind bars”. However, I guess I’m as guilty as everyone else for paying to see the animals and therefore perpetuating the economic reason to cage them. Well, that’s a downer isn’t it? I’ll just attempt to alleviate the guilt this causes by focusing on the educational benefit that seeing these wild animals provided for all of us. I’ll also add that the animals seemed healthy, well taken care of and many were wagging their tales at the attention. It seems that the majority of the zoo goers were respectful. Here are some photos from our trip to York’s Wild Kingdom:

Our day in the Wild Kingdom truly was a marvelous experience. I hope you enjoyed our vacation photos, I’m off to do a little research and development for the remainder of the day. In other words, I’m off to play for a bit before our dinner engagement this evening. I’m still officially “On Vacation” so I’ll be signing off the computer again until next week. I hope you are all out there making the most of these last days of summer! Have a great weekend!


Betzie said...

Hi Amy!
Fabulous photos!!! I loved seeing them.
Stop over and see my two bug creations when you get time. :)
Keep playing!

Exalted Beauty said...

Hey Betzie!
Sorry for the delayed response - as you can see - been crazy! I've been meaning to tell you how much I loved the bugs! The new Halloween creations are so fabulous! Fun stuff! I'll be checking in soon - love to see your latest work!