Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Introducing: VOYAGER

Here is the first look at the NEW Exalted Beauty Voyager Medallion collection:

Side view:

Close up:

The focus of the Voyager collection was to create wearable art with a real sense of history, of adventurers past; jewelry that isn’t just attractive but fun as well because it inspires wonderment and imaginings.

And what better time then autumn to present a rusty finish? Have I mentioned that I’ve been dying to create a finish that satisfied my fascination with corrosion and rusted steel:

Okay, so the Voyager collection is a bit shinier and smoother then my inspiration palette, but whatever the case, I love the texture and color combination!

The Voyager collection also has those Steam Punk/Industrial elements that have continued to be a hot trend lately. The Voyager designs were inspired by antique ship portholes and compasses like these:

I’m really excited about the Exalted Beauty Voyager Medallions! I think they will be a great accent to this season’s fall fashions!
What do you think?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Miachelle’s “Khepric Beauty”

Fabulous jewelry designer Miachelle DePiano has truly done it again! You have to see the amazing masterpiece she created using a Darkling Medallion! She entitled the piece “Khepric Beauty” and you can find more about it HERE. Go check it out! You will be awestruck! Once again Miachelle has blown me away with her astounding talent and creativity. Great job Miachelle!

Here are some photos Miachelle shot of our other collaborations, "Chainge" and "Prickly Beauty":

Like I said, she's fabulous!

The Nature of Things

You are cordially invited to my upcoming group exhibition “The Nature of Things”. Here is your official invitation:

Last Day!

Today is the last day of the National Association of Women Artists 119th Annual Exhibition. If you haven’t made it over there yet – today is your last chance. It’s a great exhibition that you don’t want to miss! Here is all the info:

New England Aster

These are some pretty purple native wildflowers currently growing in the Wildflower Meadow:

The large purple daisy types are called New England Aster and I believe the smaller lighter purple flowers are called Heart-leaved Aster.
Did you notice that purple is big on the runway this season? Purple looks absolutely amazing alongside all of those autumn shades; designers must take their cues directly from Mother Nature.


Something Hairy

Caden and I went on one of our fabulous woodland walks after pre-school the other day and discovered this rather interesting hairy bloom:

I’m fascinated. Anyone know what it is?

Speaking of “Something Hairy” that’s pretty much all the art direction I’m going to get from Caden about what he wants for this year's Halloween costume. I guess its better then last week’s request for the “Crazy Mixed Up Brown Kangaroo Monster”… Maybe…

Autumn Harvest

Here’s the last harvest from our little vegetable garden:



It’s Official! I am now a Soccer Mom!
Caden has really had a blast learning to play soccer over the past few weeks. Here he is in action with some of the members of his team:

Monday, September 22, 2008

Carnival Birthday Party!

I guess you’ve probably been wondering what happened to me? Well I ran off to join the carnival of course! Want to know what happened? Grab a cuppa something and take a seat, I’m about to take you on a weird and wonderful journey of whimsy and childhood wishes…

Off in the country there is a secret place, a magical carnival grounds that only a few people know about. It’s a well kept secret; as you can see, the entrance doesn’t look like much…

But driving closer reveals a clearer picture of a giant sign that reads…

“Welcome to Caden’s Carnival!”

Further and further up, as you are about to reach the top of the mountain, a glorious crop of Dahlias appears still in full bloom, a true festival of light and color, one wonders, is this beautiful sight Caden’s Carnival?

Perhaps not, then you take notice of the house, which after such a long trek up a big mountain, really appears to be quite an ordinary house, that is until you notice that it is heavily guarded by giant mammoth sunflowers…

They appear to be dozing but one gets the strange feeling that they could awake and uproot themselves at any given moment…

Not that that’s possible of course… so you enter the house and are immediately confronted by a ticket booth

Edging closer to the booth…

Out of nowhere a little green carnival barker appears!

“Tickets! Tickets! Get your tickets for Caden’s Carnival!” After receiving the tickets you walk into what should have been a living room, but instead stands an amazing big top filled with presents!

Coming closer you see stacks and stacks of brightly colored fuzzy clown hats!

And fantastic carnival goody boxes tagged with all of the carnival attendants names!

Wow! Can it get better then this? Well of course it does! Suddenly, delicious scents waft your way dragging your attention away from the big top…

To a row of giant carnival food stands!

Get your Popcorn! Cotton Candy! Caramel Apples! Roasted Peanuts!

Beautiful carousels full of carnival cupcakes! Circus Peanuts!

Side Show Snacks! Carousel Horses!

Clown Lollipops!

Bushels of Caramel Apples!

Oh My! After having all the scrumptious treats you can handle, you walk out to the midway to see all the carnival games, side shows and events.

There was a photo booth where you could have your photo taken while posing as a beautiful trapeze artist or the strong man

Or you could play the penny toss and the ring toss

Or perform with the Amazing Cadenini and his bunch of wild monkeys on the jungle gym…

After a while you notice the crowds returning back to the big top and food stands, it was time to celebrate the guest of honor’s birthday with a giant big top cake!

Everyone joyously sang Happy Birthday to Caden and then he huffed and he puffed

And blew all of the candles out!

And then everyone gazed upon the cake cutting with avid interest, watching and wondering, waiting to see if I could keep the 12 luscious layers together in those towering slices!

Ta Da! Magic!

The carnival crowd then enthusiastically ate and talked and ate some more…

And then it was time for Caden to open his birthday presents

He opened…

and opened…

and opened some more until…

He pretty much went insane and we’ll skip over the rest until this part where he and the other carneys crashed in a heap from extreme sugar overload…

And that’s exactly what happened... pretty much! :)

The End.

Is it just me or did it seem like that place was staffed by a bunch of monkeys? :)

I hope you enjoyed this presentation of Caden’s Carnival! A wonderful time was had by all and Caden will have the fun filled memories for a lifetime!

So that’s what I’ve been up to! If you can’t tell from the photos, I’ve been rather consumed (OBSESSED) with making Caden’s Carnival decorations and food over the past few weeks, but as soon as I recover, I’ll get back into the Exalted Beauty studio to fill you in on the latest art happenings. New Exalted Beauty Medallion collections are on the way as well as some upcoming painting exhibitions! Stay tuned!