Thursday, September 04, 2008

Introducing: ORACLE

Here is the first look at the NEW Exalted Beauty Oracle Medallion Collection:

The Oracle collection consists of clean simple shapes that frame *floating* oil slick marbles, while featuring my signature painted spirals! Each Oracle Medallion captivates and sparkles with their individually designed gunmetal black and bronze to white gold spiral motifs (painstakingly hand painted). I’m thrilled with how this collection turned out! I have a feeling these Oracle Medallions will be the new favorites for the fans of the Prophecy, Black and Antique Gold collections! But unfortunately, this bit of show and tell is merely a tease! There is going to be a delay on the production of the Oracle catalog because I’m experiencing a serious time crunch! I only have a few more days to create art before I have to turn myself into a “CARNY”! I’m currently in the midst of the creation of yet another new Exalted Beauty Medallion Collection (Voyager) and I’d like to bring it to fruition before I lose the vibe, but my son’s Carnival Birthday Extravaganza is only 16 days away! Oh dear! Those *Super Moms* spend MONTHS planning their kid's Carnival parties, a stressed out work at home mom can hardly compete, but you know I’ll try my Type A best! So please pardon my rudeness, as I further neglect to respond to your wonderfully encouraging, supremely thoughtful, and most supportive comments (that I totally live for) as I continue on in the mission impossible known as life! Thank you!


Lynne said...


Miachelle said...

These really have an Egyptian feel to me for some reason...I know that may not be the intent. I do love them!

Exalted Beauty said...

Thanks Ladies!
I was thinking maybe Ancient Egypt, Rome and Asia... I saw the influence of so many cultures, I couldn't pick just one so I called the collection Oracle.

BTW - should have the catalog ready soon! :)