Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sunflower Thief!

You may not know this but squirrels are the thieving gangsters of the north country wilds and the true arch nemesis to the tenders of sunflower seed crops.

Here is a photo of our resident evil, Mr. Squirrel, enjoying his recently ill begotten sunflower head right in plain sight of my studio:

Before this photo, Mr. Squirrel climbed the sunflower stock and swung back and forth in an astounding acrobatic display, using his weight to pull the seed head to the ground. On the ride down I’m pretty sure I heard him emit a tiny “Timber!” and then a squeak of pure joy as the stock ascended in a crash. After witnessing this crime, yet again, I stepped out onto the porch to give Mr. Squirrel a piece of my mind in hopes of inspiring some moral consciousness, but he merely turned his back on me in a gesture that read “Quiet Woman! Can’t you see I’m eatin’ here?”

Well, I thought that was quite rude and said as much. Mr. Squirrel must not have liked what he heard because he finally snatched his take and scurried into the Wildflower Meadow where (I’m pretty sure I could hear his villainous squirrel laughter) he continued to eat the rest of my sunflower seeds! Naughty evil squirrel!

Okay, so Mr. Squirrel is fat and cute and the acrobatic thievery is kind of humorous to watch, but it really is annoying to have to buy new sunflower seeds to plant when I already grow thousands of them every year!

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