Tuesday, November 18, 2008

AVA Holiday Exhibition

Come to AVA’s beautiful “green” building for the HOLIDAY EXHIBITION.
November 28 – December 27, 2008
Opening Reception:
Friday, November 28 5:00 – 7:00pm

AVA Gallery and Art Center
11 Bank Street
Lebanon, NH 03766
(603) 448-3117

Caden’s Masterpiece

It has been a while since I have shared any of Caden’s art work so I thought I’d put up this fabulous (self proclaimed) Masterpiece as a reminder that our darling boy isn’t just a jock:

This is an excellent example of what the experts refer to as “Pure Drawing”, also known as the most direct route to the unconscious. What’s on my son’s mind? According to Caden the piece above contains a vampire, a butterfly wing, two toilets, an elf shoe, a barn on a hill, a roller skater, a sock puppet, a cave, a human heel, a bunny tail, a pink lobster with stripes and tears coming out, a shell, a tooth, a camel with a thorn on it’s back and a broken ghost coming out of it’s mouth, a human hand, a beard, a bald eagle, a mole, a seed, a kicking foot, a fast snail, a small snail, a bumpy snail, a dog bone, a pricker from a thorn bush, a giraffe, a tulip and a fat finger.
Do you think I should be concerned about his strange thoughts or just continue rejoicing over his increased attention span?


Hockey season is back! Here is Caden posing with his new team:

Wild Turkeys

A gaggle of turkeys have been hanging around the house quite a bit over the past few weeks but they seem to be more camera shy then usual. Here’s my one and only clear photo:

Perhaps they are feeling trepidation over the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Since Then…

It has been a crazy time since Halloween!

The Plainfield Christmas Bazaar went well, I got to see some old friends (including my Aunt Janice!) that I hadn’t seen in ages and I had lots of fun with my cousin Shana. She was stunning and considering the fact that she is a hard core smart ass (which I love!) she was surprisingly gracious to our fellow booth queens. I think she may have even discovered the secret to making the perfect donut from the church ladies! Good times!

However, on Sunday our friends and family experienced a tragedy when the White River Junction Round House burnt down. The Mr. and I spent 4 happy years living in the apartment there, but most notably, it was the location of the famous race car garage that has held great meaning to our friends and family. No one was harmed in what was said to be the biggest fire here in 15 years, but MANY material things were lost that were completely irreplaceable. The fire has been a very sad event indeed.

Other then that, nothing major is happening. On Tuesday I VOTED – for the first time in my life. I’m usually not one for government politics as I feel the individual has become meaningless in today’s administration, but something about THIS election pulled me. Mostly I’ve just been busy spending time with friends and family (a visit to Nana, lunch with the parents, birthday parties, etcetera) all the while battling yet another round of the legendary sinus infection I suffered from for months last year. Other miscellaneous stuff I’m sure you want to know, I cut 11” off of my hair in the midst of my stressed out painting crunch a few weeks ago (and practically no one noticed)! That’s what I get for having almost 3 feet of hair! I also started a mild diet and exercise regime about 6 weeks ago that has sadly only garnered a 5 pound weight loss (even less noticeable!). I’m trying to like myself “as is” but let’s face it, I’d be much happier 15 – 20 pounds thinner. Wasn’t it delightful that I gained over 60 pounds in my 8 month pregnancy? Anyway…

What’s next? Well, this week I’ll be busy preparing for the fabulous Lisa J’s upcoming Exalted Beauty Medallion party as well as getting paintings framed for the upcoming AVA Gallery art exhibition (Opening Friday November 28th – Save the Date!). I’ll also be waiting in breathless anticipation for the results on last week’s PAP. I’m hoping desperately for a good result, the waiting is weighing on me more then it should…

What else? In my spare moments (ha ha) I’m also giving serious thought to what I want to *DO* with my art. I’ve been suffering from an overall dissatisfaction in the slow progression and direction of my art career since Motherhood began 5+ years ago. Apparently I’ve stopped being serious. With limited time to work and the severe loss of brain matter (apparently a common problem of mothers of young children) I’m not sure what my direction is or truly what I even want it to be. What do I want to BE when I grow up? I’m 35! I should have a solid answer by now, don’t you think? I often think that it is because I’m confused between the medallions and the paintings; perhaps if I could make myself focus on ONE then maybe I’d get somewhere? When people ask what my true passion is, I always emphatically state painting! But is it just? Really? As the years of Motherhood progress, I find I have to admit to myself that there is deep contentment found in creating for Caden; like designing his personal carnival, baking a 12 layer birthday cake or sewing an extreme Halloween costume. How often does a mother get to make her child feel like a rock star? It’s not about buying something; it’s about making him feel special. Obviously I get something out of his joy that drives me to continue to seek it. Will that ever go on the Resume? Absolutely not. Do I want a career in Theater Set Design, Cake Baking or Costume design? No, not particularly. I also enjoy my wildflowers and photography but do I want to focus on being the BEST Wildflower Gardener or BEST Photographer? No, because with my list of interests, desires and abilities, the choices and possibilities are endless. My husband fondly states that I am a Jack of all trades and Master of none (Rude, but probably true). So… will I ever be able to focus on just one thing???