Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Caden’s Masterpiece

It has been a while since I have shared any of Caden’s art work so I thought I’d put up this fabulous (self proclaimed) Masterpiece as a reminder that our darling boy isn’t just a jock:

This is an excellent example of what the experts refer to as “Pure Drawing”, also known as the most direct route to the unconscious. What’s on my son’s mind? According to Caden the piece above contains a vampire, a butterfly wing, two toilets, an elf shoe, a barn on a hill, a roller skater, a sock puppet, a cave, a human heel, a bunny tail, a pink lobster with stripes and tears coming out, a shell, a tooth, a camel with a thorn on it’s back and a broken ghost coming out of it’s mouth, a human hand, a beard, a bald eagle, a mole, a seed, a kicking foot, a fast snail, a small snail, a bumpy snail, a dog bone, a pricker from a thorn bush, a giraffe, a tulip and a fat finger.
Do you think I should be concerned about his strange thoughts or just continue rejoicing over his increased attention span?

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