Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Christmas Cougar

Photo property of Oregon State University.

The story of our Christmas Cougar is in no way related to any tale that you may have heard before, in fact, I’m afraid it is quite an arbitrary thing as I’ve been delirious due to my experiencing this rather wretched binge of stress and sleeplessness. Some would suggest that the appearance of the Cougar symbol in my life is an indication of clarity and strength in decision making. However, I think the mundane reality of the Christmas Cougar’s origins lie in the Will Ferrell movie the Mr. and I caught the tail end of the other night. After which, I said I wanted a Cougar for Christmas, he said sure thing. While HE wasn't serious I do think a Cougar would make a fine pet!

Here’s a photo of Will and his amazing co star:

Apparently what I gained from this film was a subconscious seed that I was unaware had any effect whatsoever until I began to paint the ornaments.
Here is the finished set of “Christmas Cougar” ornaments:

I had originally made the pointy eared teddy bear shape as a vehicle for Caden to create some fun Christmas characters, but as I mentioned in the Holiday Havoc post, he lost interest, leaving me the job of completing the ornaments.

When the Cougar suddenly appeared, Caden created a story to go with it.
According to Caden, Santa left this baby cougar (with a big red bow) on our doorstep Christmas morning "for us to take care of". Caden named this beautiful exotic creature “Cougar”. Cougar soon became a member of the family; he was a very good cougar that got along with everyone, most especially with our cats Tonka and Jasmine. His days were spent happy, playing and bringing joy to everyone he met. When he was “all grown up and had his tenth birthday” the Cougar decided that it was time to be on his own and he returned to the North Pole to work with Santa where he continues to bring joy and happiness to people all over the world.

Sounds perfectly Christmassy to me. And HELLO! Let’s talk about how cute the Christmas Cougar ornament is with this pale green and red wrapping paper (from Wally world, made in the USA and 100% recyclable)!

Here’s the Christmas Cougar happily decorating the tree:

To learn more about the Cougar and it’s more traditional symbolism visit these links:

“The spirit of the Cougar chose to take the earth and walk as a spiritual hunter, to teach unconditional leadership, patience and determination.”
- The Cougar Fund

Cougar Keywords “Leadership, Power, Decisiveness, Speed, Grace, Mystery”
- Religions and Spirituality Guide

“According to ancient beliefs, the cougar is known in many cultures as a symbol of leadership and courage with the ability to balance power, intention, strength and grace in one's life. The cougar is also a symbol of magic and mystery. Cougar encourages you to think freely and clearly, to stand true to your convictions and lead yourself to where your heart longs to take you.”
- Wild Animal Tracks

Now that I’ve learned a bit more about the Cougar and all of the magic, mystery and power the animal represents, I think it makes a fabulous new symbol for Christmas.Why not? It’s fun to create new holiday stories and traditions!

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