Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Past

Here are some Amy E. Fraser original Christmas cards from Christmas past:






Unfortunately I couldn’t find the entire set, but like the images above, the missing cards were equally *unique*, definitely not your usual Christmas iconography. Overall, I think the card illustrations were based on my reaction to the stress of the holidays rather then an actual celebration of Christmas, but whatever the case, I think the friends and family who received these cards generally understood the sentiment and found them to be quite humorous (as was intended). Every year, all year long, people would ask what crazy thing I was going to come up with next. It was a great conversation piece as well as a way to work through the Christmas stress. However, the series ended in 2005 when two of the Christmas card stars passed away within weeks of each other (our beloved cat and dog, the Great Dane, “Loki” and the Havana Brown “Kitty”). I was so heart broken, I couldn’t seem to make myself create the Christmas cards anymore. I’m getting better about the passing of my beloved fur babies and we have since added two new crazy characters to our family (black and gray striped mother and son tabbies Jasmine and Tonka) that would love to be the stars of future Christmas cards… so we’ll see what next year brings. I hope you all are enjoying your holidays, having fond memories of Christmas past and working toward creating fun new memories and traditions for Christmas future! Happy Holidays!

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