Sunday, January 04, 2009


Here is a photograph of a painting I completed in 1993 entitled "Genesis":

Genesis: Beginning - The time or circumstances of something's coming into being.

The post “Innocence Lost
had me digging through photographs of my own baby shower (held a mere 4 days before Caden burst onto the scene, 5 whole weeks before his due date!). I was amused to find this (rather unflattering) snapshot of Life imitating Art (10 years later in 2003):

While I didn’t give birth to the beginning of the world I certainly did bring forth a true force of nature!

If you can’t tell, I was quite ill and uncomfortable in my pregnancy. In all of my years of celebrating and painting the pregnant female form, I never once imagined that pregnancy would be as dreadful an experience as it was for me. How I envy those women who had ideal pregnancies. Sometimes the things that inspire us most, are those we dream of, rather then truly understand. I don’t think I have painted a pregnant woman since experiencing it for myself! And you may note that the Pregnant Women I painted while pregnant
were not especially joyous.

Well, perhaps with the exception of my award winning piece entitled “Expectations”:

They say time heals all wounds. Maybe someday I will be re-inspired to celebrate the cycle of life in the symbol of the pregnant female form, but for now, I am more content exploring the concept through botany!

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