Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

I wanted to start the New Year off by saying a great big Thank You to all of my blog readers for your interest, encouragement and support throughout 2008! Your comments and e-mails have meant the world to me (even if I wasn’t so fabulous about responding). Being a stay-at-home mom while managing two career goals has been hectic to say the least! But as my son grows older and more independent, I am beginning to obtain a better grasp on maintaining the balance between art and motherhood. Thank you for sharing in and relating to my joys, struggles, frustrations and discoveries as I document this process here on the blog.

Many have criticized personal commentary on artist blogs (such as discussions of illness, family and pets) as being unprofessional and not of interest to the public at large. In addition, from a marketing perspective it is inadvisable and unprofessional to combine Life, Painting, Jewelry, Wildflowers, as well as my other various interests and inspirations into one blog. However, as I’m not one for doing things mainstream, that (probably very wise) advice has not been heeded here on my blog. While I doubt anyone wants to know what I had for breakfast, I believe that an artist's blog (or at least THIS artist’s blog) should be about the journey and all that it entails (including the life, the mess and the reality). To me, every aspect connects and interconnects, making more sense of each, as part of the greater whole. Instead of categorizing and labeling my art and life, I’m choosing to embrace this multifacetedness. Why conform to what others feel is right, if this is what is working for me? Progress is the objective, no matter how it is accomplished.

If you read my Year End Review
then you know that my primary goal for 2009 is to once again DO-BE-ACHIEVE MORE! I think 2008 was a step in the right direction by having a larger focus on painting and pursuing painting exhibitions and competitions. I did continue to create and have interest in the Exalted Beauty Medallions in 2008; however, I slowed production as well as the pursuit of marketing and exhibiting my polymer clay jewelry because I feel as though my true end goal is a full time career in painting. That said, with over 1000 Exalted Beauty Medallions currently in stock and a local market still very interested, I plan to continue with them in 2009. I’m choosing to accept and even celebrate the fact that 2009 is already reigning with chaos! I have Medallion parties booked as well as upcoming painting exhibitions, new gallery venues and N.A.W.A. competitions on the 2009 agenda. I would also like to take time this year to work on a long term art project/series that has been brewing for awhile now. The new project will involve heaps of reading, research and writing behind the scenes before any artwork is revealed, but not to worry, I plan to share my many sources of inspiration as the project evolves.

I’m looking forward to sharing this creative process with hopes that by doing so, that you too will be inspired to pursue your hopes, dreams and imaginings.

Have a wonderful, happy, healthy New Year!

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