Thursday, January 22, 2009


My grandmother Margaret (Peg) L. Fraser passed away on Saturday January 18th, 2009. My “Nana” was an extremely gifted craftswoman, exceptionally skilled in a multitude of fiber arts, she knitted amazing creations with yarn she made from her own sheep, she was an accomplished seamstress who made many well remembered costumes and designed award winning, gallery exhibited quilts. She was a devoted wife and mother, a talented baker and wine maker, a painter, a lover of animals, a woman always ready for fun and adventure, a fiend for flee markets and yard sales and an obsessed collector of dolls and teddy bears. She was a brash, opinionated, independent individual who was proud to be exactly who she was. While my cousin Shana may carry the the legacy of her striking countenance, I was apparently “blessed” with her strong character. I know this from my mother’s exasperated “Little Margaret” comments throughout my early childhood to my father’s quiet uh-oh when he sees me give my own son “The Look”. But by being so much alike, we often rubbed one another the wrong way. I’m sorry I wasn’t always able to get past my own opinions enough to graciously accept she had the right to her own, but who better to understand that then the woman herself? My Nana gave us all a piece of that essence, I see it in my aunt, my uncle, my father, and cousins, and I think we all know it is as both blessing and burden. Whatever the case, she will not be forgotten, she will be missed by her family, friends and community.

Please pardon my absence as I’ll need to take a few more days to get my head back together. Between the week long attack of the evil vomit virus and then Nana’s passing, I fear I slipped into a state of blah, lost in the pages of books and denial. I’m on my way back, no time left to welter and wallow, life continues for the living. There are many things to look forward to, Julie’s Exalted Beauty Medallion is in two weeks, and the Penn State Exhibition opens the week after that and as usual we have Caden’s hockey stuff, as well as birthday parties and play dates scheduled. I’ll be back next week to share inspiration while I work behind the scenes developing my long term project.

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Betzie said...

So sorry about your grandmom passing Amy..but you carry on her spirit and many gifts as well!
Always enjoy visiting your blog...xo