Monday, January 05, 2009

Personal Symbolism

Today’s question for the ages is: What is your Personal Symbolism? Meaning, when people think of you, what do they connect your identity with? What would some of the symbols and iconography of your *caricature* entail? Are you a horse enthusiast? A sports fan? A music aficionado? A food connoisseur? What has been your lifelong *thing*? We all have them; it’s what makes us, well, US.

Here’s a historical (er, rather hysterical) perspective of me photographed with one of my personal symbols, CATS:

Throughout my life I have been notoriously camera shy, but apparently I become a bit braver when holding a cat! If all of these photos are in existence of me with my fabulous feline friends, then you can imagine how full of cats my life has been. For as long as I can remember, and despite the many canine friends I have had, I have been called a “Cat Woman”. One day I’ll probably be known as the crazy old witch with a house full of cats! Well, maybe not, but they have been my lifelong familiars. I connect with, relate to and understand cats on many levels. It could have something to do with the fact that I was born a Leo? Whatever the case, I adore cats. Whether they were strays, feral, barn cats or rescues, the wilder the better! There is no greater loyalty then the love and trust earned from the untamed feline heart.

It’s something to think about; identifying one’s own personal symbolism could ignite the true heart felt inspiration you’ve been seeking for your art endeavors.

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