Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rhyme Nor Reason

Shakespeare: “When in the why and the wherefore is neither rhyme nor reason?”

I am thrilled that many of you have been excited about the various inspirational posts I have and will continue to present, however, I must warn you ahead of time that they may have absolutely nothing to do with the end result of my long term project. The long term project is something that I’ve slowly been working on since November and still do not have a strong sense of its direction. The project’s premise has wavered and evolved along the way and will probably continue to do so until it finally doesn’t. I am attempting to allow the process to happen instead of forcing an end result. Because of that I think this project is something I need to go through in silence, it feels as though sharing the specifics of the process will somehow ruin the *magic*. The only thing I can say for certain is that I would like to develop a series that focuses on the formation of a symbol/icon/character that can express the greater aspects of humanity with out necessarily being human. So for now, try to view these inspirational posts as paper embers floating above the flame, full of burning potential but likely to grow cold before they ignite into a full blown creative fire. These things which have neither rhyme nor reason make no sense from a logical standpoint, but if you read my recent Inspiration tangent then
perhaps you’ll understand the desire to collect inspiration from the most diverse of sources. The mind works in mysterious ways…

There will still be plenty of art for you to see here in the interim. I plan to continue to create and present new paintings, such as the Poppies, while I develop this project. Eventually I’m sure I’ll bore you to death with all of the gory the details of the new project. But in the meantime, stay tuned, there is more (random) inspiration on the way, as well as upcoming painting exhibitions and medallion parties!

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