Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In My Heart

Caden presented me with this drawing yesterday:

He said “That’s you Mama, as a tree, and there I am in the tree’s heart”. Oh boy, that’s some powerful stuff for a 5 year old. He is most definitely in my heart. Although I did have to hold back my critical artist’s tongue when it came to our constant debate over his use of yellow. Caden’s kindness, gentleness and generosity are the core of his personality, he is true, open and vulnerable, and I worry for that sweet little boy with every ounce of my being. It’s a tough world out there, a place where gentle giants get slain, just for being giants. Good thing he has such a ferocious tree Mama to protect him. :)

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JMS said...

Sigh. The art of children makes me sigh. It's so heartfelt and honest and just magnificent to see. I have a son who will be 5 at the end of March and he's drawing some of the most wonderful things now! I am constantly amazed by him. He's progressing so quickly.

I think I'm going to have to collect some of his work and bring it with me so I can scan it and post it to my blog. Such genius needs to be shared - as you have done. (OH - and I love his cat masterpiece, too!)

Jennifer @ Random Ramblings