Monday, February 16, 2009

Mountain Hike

Our little family strapped on the snowshoes again this weekend and went on a vigorous mountain hike. Here are some of the winter botanicals I photographed along the way:

That fabulous few hours of sunny woodland Zen was a much needed reprieve from my current stress filled schedule. I’m being clobbered with art deadlines, events and happenings all at once and having quite a bit of difficulty figuring out what to do when! There have been lots of social events as of late, followed by a large share of procrastinating, intermingled with some painting and preparatory work for an upcoming private exhibition. Throw in some spontaneous medallion happenstance and basically you’ll find that I’m a Big Hot Mess. With deadlines looming near and no choice but to buckle down, I’m taking a deep breath, attempting to prioritize, re-organize and set forth on a seemingly impossible work schedule. So, in the spirit of hopeful accomplishment, I will be relieving you of my usual abundance of blog verbiage over the next few weeks to focus on completing my mission. But not to worry, I’ll drop off photos of the paintings as they are completed and I’ll fill you in on the upcoming details of the when’s and where’s of the events as they come to fruition. Wish me luck! I’m really gonna need it!

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