Friday, February 06, 2009

Three Year Anniversary

Today I’m celebrating the three year anniversary of the first Exalted Beauty Medallion party!

Right now I’m getting ready for tonight’s Exalted Beauty Medallion party hosted by super sister duo Lynn and Julie! The party will be held at Julie’s house where I had my very first medallion party back in February of 2006! It has been an amazing journey since then and I’m not sure that I would have continued along this path if it hadn’t been for their generosity and support. Lynn has served as my favorite cheerleader and side kick (otherwise entitled: Chief Exalted Beauty Representative) since day one and has been “the voice” for my works at the parties. I have a terrible time tooting my own horn so she does the honors with a flourish that more often then not leads to my extreme embarrassment. But I have to keep it fun for her, right?

I’m really looking forward to a great night out with this fantabulous group of women. While preparing for tonight’s event, I once again realized how unbelievably privileged I am to be doing what I do. I am so fortunate and genuinely thankful to create art for a living. Despite the general air of fun and silliness surrounding the Medallion parties, these events are really important to me. I have been blessed to have the most incredible customers on earth. I am so grateful to these wonderful ladies, my customers, who are my family, friends, neighbors and my community. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate their encouragement, suggestions and enthusiasm for the Exalted Beauty Medallions. I have deeply enjoyed creating these art jewelry sculptures for them and challenging myself to come up with new and inventive takes on the polymer pendant in their honor. Most of all, I am fortunate for their joy and satisfaction with the end result. These satisfied customers have lead a positive Word Of Mouth advertising campaign for me that absolutely could not have been bought. The Exalted Beauty name brand recognition (and the stories told regarding the instances) have been both heart warming and rather unbelievable. In three years, I have sold almost 2,000 Exalted Beauty Medallions while maintaining stay at home motherhood as well as a fairly respectable painting and exhibition schedule. Ninety percent of my medallion sales have been made at home parties. Each new party is booked based on a referral, a friend of a friend, and more often then not, by repeat customers.

What do I attribute my success to? Creating quality, one of a kind art, with heart, in the conscious knowledge that any one of these pieces could be purchased and cherished by someone I care about. That matters to me; by in large my customers know me and my family, their continued good opinion counts. My customers are not the faceless masses. While the option to pursue on-line marketing through venues such as E-Bay, Etsy, etcetera, are readily available, I actually prefer the one on one human aspect of the Medallion parties. I really enjoy meeting the people who will be wearing my work. I want each and every one of these fantastic people to know that I respect them enough to give them the very best of me, and that I stand behind my work. That is also why I only create work that I am truly inspired to create, not just output based on popular styles and trends in hopes to make a quick buck. I refuse to sacrifice my artistic worth to become a factory for finance. Because of this, I still get immense satisfaction from creating the Exalted Beauty Medallions.

Anyway, thought I’d take a moment to acknowledge this somewhat monumental event in the history of the Exalted Beauty Medallions. I have a very busy weekend ahead so I’ll be back next week with The Party Report as well as some inspirational posts to keep you busy while I transition from the drawing and research focus of my long term project back to painting more works in the Poppy series. Up next is a reminder about my upcoming painting exhibition at the HUB-Robeson Galleries at Penn State University. Have a great weekend everyone!

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