Saturday, March 28, 2009

2009 Medallions

Wondering what I’ve been up to lately? I’ve been very busy sculpting and painting new Exalted Beauty Medallions! With all of the recent Medallion activity I thought it was time to add some new collections to the catalog for 2009. I’ve been listening to your wants, needs and wishes and have spent the past few weeks designing new medallions based on the elements the majority of your requests seem to have in common. What’s the result? The Exalted ones design essentials are color, with metal and a bit of sparkle. They also tend to favor the extremely labor intensive hand painted finishes. So to please my glorious queens of fashion, I’ve been slaving 12 hours a day to create two collections of clean lined geometrics (inspired by the continued enthusiasm over Sparkling Elegance and Prophecy) as well as an exciting new collection of flowers (inspired by the original Floral collection and the most popular floral medallion shapes created in the collections since). I’m going for bold designs that make a big first statement but will also keep the eye lingering over the finer details. Bet your dying to see them right? Well they are SO not done yet! In the meantime you will have to content yourself with this…

Here’s a first look at the new color glazes:

I’ve mixed these ten fabulous shades of glaze based on the Pantone 2009 color report. I’ve chosen Lavender, Fuchsia Red, Salmon Rose, Slate Gray, Lucite Green, Palace Blue, Dark Citron and Vibrant Green from the spring palette as well as Purple Heart and American Beauty from the fall pallet. I will be incorporating the gorgeous vibrant colors above with metallic neutrals such as pearl white, sequin black, bronze, copper and gold.

“Spring traditionally evokes a sense of freshness and new beginnings, with sprouting shoots and blossoming flowers that inspire designers to breakout of the winter doldrums. Bright colors return to the top 10 list for spring ’09, as designers incorporate vibrant pops into their collections, yet temper the vibrancy with deeper, translucent or neutral tones. “New York’s fashion designers encourage hopeful attitudes with lively colors, while sophisticated, grounded hues address the need for stability in times of economic uncertainty,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®.”

To learn more about the Pantone color report go HERE

Stay tuned! New Exalted Beauty Medallions are coming soon!!!

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