Thursday, April 23, 2009

NAWA’s 120th Annual

You are cordially invited to attend the National Association of Women Artists 120th Annual Exhibition.
Open May 11th -29th, 2009 at:
The Salmagundi Art Club.
47 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10003
Gallery Hours: 1 pm 5 pm daily
Closed for holiday Monday, May 25th

Here is the piece I will have on display at N.A.W.A.’s 120th Annual Exhibition:

Citrine Glow” [
The Poppy Series]
By Amy E. Fraser
Medium: Acrylic Paint on 140#, Acid Free, Archival Watercolor Paper.
Size: 12” x 12”

Artists’ Reception: Sunday May 17th, 1-4 pm
Awards Presentation: 2:30 pm

N.A.W.A. Information:
(212) 675-1616

POP Into Spring!

You are cordially invited to attend the Montshire Museum of Science 2009 Benefit Auction on Friday May 15th, 2009.
Silent Auction: 6 pm
Live Auction: 9 pm

Enjoy a fabulous evening with friends.
Bid on hundreds of unique items and experiences.
“Fund a Need” and help Montshire serve the community.

Here is my donation to the Montshire Museum auction:

Square 34” [
By Amy E. Fraser
Medium: Acrylic Paint on 140#, Acid Free, Archival Watercolor Paper.
Size: 8.25” x 8.25”

Proceeds from the Auction support Montshire’s education programs, bringing the joy of learning and discovery to thousands of children and families across Vermont and New Hampshire each year.

Reservations are limited.
Please reply by May 4th
(802) 649-2200

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Party Report

Sorry for the delay on the Penny party report, it was a busy weekend with an out of town shopping trip Saturday and a fun filled Easter Sunday, by Monday I was practically comatose! But better late then never! Penny’s party was phenomenal! She recently did some renovation on her house that resulted in a beautiful light filled showplace that was the perfect setting for the Exalted Beauty Medallion display. Her extensive group of fabulous guests consisted of a few familiar faces but also many new faces that were very enthusiastic during their introduction into the cult of the Exalted Ones! (Er what? They really dug the necklaces, bought MANY and plan to book/attend more Exalted Beauty Medallion parties in the near future). Penny’s appetizer and beverage offerings looked and smelled magnificent (including Lynn’s famous dip!), but I was kept so busy I was unable to even stop for a drink until the crowd finally dispersed. It was a hot and sweaty good time with lots of laughs and juicy gossip, but the thing the readers of “The Party Report” want to know most is – what SOLD? It is apparent that Spring has fully entered the general consciousness as the dominant color trend of the evening was the Dark Citron and the new Flourish pieces were the top seller. Divinity came in second, followed by Oracle, Mindworks, followed by an even scattering across the collections. However, as pleased as I was with the new Reliquary collection, I was very surprised that it wasn’t a larger hit with this group. Prophecy was one of my most popular *remake* requests, so my response was to create Reliquary which is sleeker, more granite looking and less physically textural then Prophecy, but still similar in essence. I absolutely love how the Reliquary finish came out and I'm thinking it will become more popular around Fall because of the copper edging – the Exalted Ones tend to go for gold tones in Spring and Summer and the red tones in Autumn. I guess that is all for The Party Report! I’d like to say a great big thank you to The Mr.’s, Lynn and Penny for all their hard work in making this event happen, I am unbelievably appreciative! Penny’s party was a great success! Looking forward to the next one! You ladies *betta booka*! In the meantime, check the Exalted Beauty Medallion catalogs to see if your favorite pieces are still available!

Easter Eggs

I also became imbued with the spirit of Easter and decided to decorate some of my own Easter eggs:

After all that work the Mr. thought they looked like foil covered chocolate eggs… I guess they do. Oh well! It was fun! It brought back good childhood memories. Hope you all had a great Easter!

Easter Morning

Here is a shot of Mr. C Easter morning before the sugar high hit:

He looks a bit sleepy at this point and hasn’t fully realized his joy over the goodies the Easter Bunny brought. It evolved into a great day filled with egg decorating, cup cake baking and feasting. A good time was had by all.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Flourish Catalog

Exalted Beauty Flourish Medallion Catalog is HERE!

The Reliquary Catalog

Exalted Beauty Reliquary Medallion Catalog is HERE!

The Divinity Catalog

The NEW Exalted Beauty Divinity Medallion Catalog is

Kite Flyers

Here are my Mr.’s out enjoying a breezy spring afternoon, flying a kite:

It has been a rough week at the Exalted Beauty household with both Caden and I coming down with an evil bout of the stomach flu; but we are well on our way to a full recovery and grateful that the sun finally decided to grace us with it’s healing presence. As for the catalogs, they were inevitably delayed, however I am unbelievably thrilled to report that all three new collections, Divinity, Reliquary and Flourish are now completed and will be ready and available at Penny’s Medallion party tonight! Miracles never cease! I’m really looking forward to a fun night out with the Exalted Ones and I’m very excited to see everyone’s *in person* reaction to the new collections! The photos just don’t do the deep luminescent finishes justice (If I must say so myself!). But stay tuned, the new Exalted Beauty Medallion catalogs will be posted for your perusal next.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Flourish In Color

Here is an overview of the new Exalted Beauty Flourish medallion collection in color:

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Silent Auction Party

Just wanted to post a reminder about AVA Gallery and Art Center’s Silent Auction Party happening tonight 5:30 -7:30 pm at AVA’s Carter-Kelsey Building, 11 Bank Street, Lebanon, NH.

You won’t want to miss this very exciting event. AVA’s Silent Auction always draws a large, enthusiastic crowd of art lovers and AVA supporters who will have the opportunity to view and purchase works from the region’s finest artists.

I have donated this piece:

Square 41” [THE GARDEN ROOM]
By Amy E. Fraser
Medium: Acrylic Paint on 140#, Acid Free, Archival Watercolor Paper.
Size: 8.25” x 8.25”

Hope you can make it to the party tonight! Happy Bidding!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Flourish Bronzed

Here is a closer look at the NEW Exalted Beauty Medallion collection “Flourish” in progress, now layered in bronze:

Next step, color and sparkle! I’ll be including Honey Beige, Burnt Sienna, Pearl White and Sequin Black to the glaze choices for this collection as well as Swarovski Crystal centers.


The Exalted Beauty Medallion collections Divinity and Reliquary are now beaded:

And currently being photographed for the catalogs; these two collections will most definitely be ready in time for Penny’s Medallion party on April 10th. I will present the finished Divinity and Reliquary catalogs early next week!

Pretty Lady

Play-Doh Fun

Caden enjoyed some Play-Doh sculpting yesterday. This guy was apparently named Frank*ing*stein:

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Flourish In Progress

Here is an overview of the NEW Exalted Beauty Medallion collection “Flourish” in it’s fresh from the oven splendor:

Six flower designs, 12 of each = 72 one of a kind pieces consisting of 660 hand sculpted petals.

Puzzling Situation

Here’s Caden expressing some frustration over Tonka’s desire to help with his puzzle this morning:

What can I say? The cat’s a genius!

Face To Face

Here’s a photo of a yearling taken through my front door:

The photo I wish I had caught was the moment two seconds after this when her brain acknowledged someone was watching her. The poor deer was minding her own business, chomping away, only to glance up at me looking back at her. She was so startled that she took a flying leap off the bank that would have put Santa’s reindeer to shame! So much for my dreams of becoming Snow White…