Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Party Report

Sorry for the delay on the Penny party report, it was a busy weekend with an out of town shopping trip Saturday and a fun filled Easter Sunday, by Monday I was practically comatose! But better late then never! Penny’s party was phenomenal! She recently did some renovation on her house that resulted in a beautiful light filled showplace that was the perfect setting for the Exalted Beauty Medallion display. Her extensive group of fabulous guests consisted of a few familiar faces but also many new faces that were very enthusiastic during their introduction into the cult of the Exalted Ones! (Er what? They really dug the necklaces, bought MANY and plan to book/attend more Exalted Beauty Medallion parties in the near future). Penny’s appetizer and beverage offerings looked and smelled magnificent (including Lynn’s famous dip!), but I was kept so busy I was unable to even stop for a drink until the crowd finally dispersed. It was a hot and sweaty good time with lots of laughs and juicy gossip, but the thing the readers of “The Party Report” want to know most is – what SOLD? It is apparent that Spring has fully entered the general consciousness as the dominant color trend of the evening was the Dark Citron and the new Flourish pieces were the top seller. Divinity came in second, followed by Oracle, Mindworks, followed by an even scattering across the collections. However, as pleased as I was with the new Reliquary collection, I was very surprised that it wasn’t a larger hit with this group. Prophecy was one of my most popular *remake* requests, so my response was to create Reliquary which is sleeker, more granite looking and less physically textural then Prophecy, but still similar in essence. I absolutely love how the Reliquary finish came out and I'm thinking it will become more popular around Fall because of the copper edging – the Exalted Ones tend to go for gold tones in Spring and Summer and the red tones in Autumn. I guess that is all for The Party Report! I’d like to say a great big thank you to The Mr.’s, Lynn and Penny for all their hard work in making this event happen, I am unbelievably appreciative! Penny’s party was a great success! Looking forward to the next one! You ladies *betta booka*! In the meantime, check the Exalted Beauty Medallion catalogs to see if your favorite pieces are still available!

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