Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Stone Wall

I am *almost* finished with the Stone Wall aspect of this season’s landscape project! Here are the results of how I spent the last three weeks of my life, expressing my inner Girl Power:

So what do you think of the Stone Wall? Did I shame my Mason forefathers or make them proud?
I have one more corner of the house that I plan to extend the stone wall around (if my knees, back and wrists hold up!), and then I will install the block border (seen started in photo 4) that will define the garden space, separating the Wildflowers from the lawn. Have I mentioned that I still have to plant the Wildflower seeds? Ugh. After that I have the Sunflower Plot and the Vegetable Garden to plant and then (if I am still alive) I will be DONE with landscaping/gardening projects for the year! Of course I’m desperately hoping all of this can be achieved before Memorial Day as I just received a new N.A.W.A. exhibition competition invitation, which means I now have another DEADLINE starting June 5th! Tick Tock! I also have some medallion organizing to do; Monica’s Medallion Party is next Friday, May 22nd! And don't forget the Montshire Museum of Science Benefit Auction is tomorrow night! Hope to see you there! :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Magenta Magnificence

Star Magnolia

Periwinkle Pretties

Ground Ivy

White Wonderment

Tulip Treasures

Daffodil Delights

Scout Party

Caden was invited to Keira’s “Scout Party” this past weekend where the children enjoyed a multitude of activities inspired by The Great Outdoors. The photos below give an overview of the afternoon, starting with the first discovery which *Mama* couldn’t help but say “Whatever it is, don’t eat it!” explaining the girls looks of disgust and dismay:

The day was filled with food, fun and mayhem and a good time was had by all. Rick and Jeannie did an amazing job putting together this event and the kids were given happy memories that will last a lifetime. Jody and I were glad we were able to be a part of this special day. And as an added bonus, some of the botanical inspiration coming up was photographed in Rick and Jeannie’s beautiful gardens!

Landscape Project

Here is a close up of one of the stone walls I’ve recently built:

The landscape project is in full swing and my vision of creating a fairytale wonderland is truly beginning to take form. I won’t bore you with the details but basically I’ve torn down (by hand, with rake and shovel) the side yard *hump* and graduated it into a much more attractive slope that will serve as a new bed for (yet another section of) Wildflowers. This marvelous new slope was (to blame for) the inspiration of the stonewall idea. I did my typical “wouldn’t it be pretty if…” and so it began. Of course all of this stonework has to be completed before the planting of the seeds… So far the Mr. has collected over 16 truck loads of rock (see Rock Collection
post for details) which I am currently turning into stone walls that wrap around the house and extend 50 feet down the driveway. By the way, rock weighs 150 pounds per cubic foot, which means I will have lifted over 20,000 pounds of stone by the time these walls are finished. I’m going to look like Arnold when this is over! I’m sore in every part of my body, I’ve smashed and mutilated my fingers more times then I can count and I am covered in bruises and bug bites, but I’m still going strong because there is no better motivation then seeing your dreams come to fruition. Yeah, that, and DEADLINES!!! I have to hurry the hell up because I have three summer exhibition deadlines coming right up and a solo show planned for October! I need new paintings! Speaking of Exhibitions, the NAWA show opened yesterday May 11th at The Salmagundi Art Club and the Montshire Museum of Science Benefit Auction is this Friday, May 15th! I hope you will get a chance to stop by. I promise to share photos of the landscape project as soon as it is completed, I do so hate to share work in progress so you’ll have to wait! :) In the meantime I’ll attempt to keep you amused with my next post about the Scout Party followed by some fabulous springtime botanical inspiration! Enjoy!