Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Big Scary Spiders!

In my last post I presented the immense Rock Collection, but what I didn’t mention was what comes with all of those rocks is masses of disgusting creepy crawlies, like beetles, centipedes and of course, my all time favorite Big Scary Spiders:

Eeeeks! Okay! I admit it, despite the fact that I seem to spend a lot of time participating in filthy backbreaking manual labor (otherwise known as *Gardening*), I don’t actually ENJOY it! I HATE being dirty! On the inside I am a big squeamish girly girl. I scream like a banshee when a nest of ants decides to swarm over my boots and I swear worse then any hardened criminal when I find a spider on my shirt sleeve or come face to face with a garden snake. If those rocks could talk your ears would probably fall off! However I make myself do these things because obviously I want a beautiful yard but more importantly because I want my son to see that women are strong both physically and mentally, and to understand that a person, man or woman can achieve anything they can dream of if they just put the effort in. By example, I hope to teach my son to view everyone as individuals and not by gender roles even if much of what I do would be viewed from the outside as “traditional”. So what does the above Big Scary Spider have to do with the ensuing feminist maternal rant? I guess my point was facing the things we loath for the greater good? And what’s also good? All of this fabulous stonework is going to make one killer backdrop for my new wildflower beds! Stay tuned, I’ll be presenting the first arrivals to 2009 Wildflower Meadow next!

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