Friday, May 01, 2009

First Trimester Review

With all of the behind the scenes projects I have been juggling since January I wasn’t sure if I was going to make myself accountable for the First Trimester Review for 2009. However, despite sever exhaustion from my latest landscaping project, my obsessive need for order and consistency won out. So here is a brief listing of what has happened art wise in the first third of 2009:

25 New Paintings
16 New Poppy Paintings

9 New Garden Room Squares

3 Exhibitions/Competitions
NAWA Small Works Competition (January)

Penn State Exhibition (February-April)
AVA Auction (March-April)

Upcoming Exhibitions/Competitions (Second Trimester):
Salmagundi Art Club New York, New York (May)
Montshire Museum Auction Norwich, VT (May)
AVA’s 16th Annual Competition. Lebanon, NH (June)
20th Annual Art Show! Plainfield, NH (July)
The 9th Annual Art Show. Cornish, NH (August)

3 New Exalted Beauty Medallion Collections:
40 Divinity

50 Reliquary

72 Flourish

Medallion Parties:
Lynn and Julie
Martha (March)
Penny (April)

Ongoing Medallion Exhibit:

Upcoming Medallion Parties:
Monica’s Medallion Party May 22nd.

I think that’s all for the First Trimester Review. I do not have a full Second Trimester agenda to present yet as I’m currently still debating over which projects to pursue when. Time for creating art is always limited during the spring and summer season due to the number of painting exhibitions, competitions and medallion parties scheduled as well as the fact that this season is geared more toward fun family trips and adventures, home and garden projects and Caden’s long list of activities (Swimming Lessons, Hockey Camp, Soccer!). I do have “The Long Term Project” in the works, which is essentially a new series that I’ve been developing since last November, but it is still in its concept/research/character development stage and I will not have anything to present until at least 2010. However, I might squeeze in a new floral painting series in the interim, but as I said, still debating. In the meantime, I will do my absolute best to keep you entertained with posts of my floral photography showcasing the inspirational creations found growing in my Wildflower Meadow
. So stay tuned! Botanical fabulousity will be presented here soon!

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