Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Rock Collection

Here are some pictures of the rocks the Mr.’s have been collecting for the stone walls in my latest landscaping project:

The photos above do not do this massive pile of stones justice but perhaps when you see the finished project you will begin to get an idea of just how many rocks make up this pile. A lot! And by the way, the other half of this collection are still waiting, buried in the hundred year old pile at the bottom of the driveway ready to be dug up and hauled up to the top! :) Awesome huh? Recycled rocks! Anyway, this probably isn’t of much interest to those of you seeking art but it is what has been keeping me away from painting and Medallion sculpting so I thought I’d share. Also, I felt some documentation of the process was in order since this is but one of the many back breaking projects I’ve talked the Mr. into over the years. Poor guy didn’t know he was marring such a sadist! But for the record, I only ask of others what I am willing to do myself… It WILL be worth all the effort! Stay tuned I’ll show pictures of the stone walls as soon as they are finished! Wish me luck and the strength to continue – I’m hurting in places I didn’t even know existed!

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