Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Stone Wall

I am *almost* finished with the Stone Wall aspect of this season’s landscape project! Here are the results of how I spent the last three weeks of my life, expressing my inner Girl Power:

So what do you think of the Stone Wall? Did I shame my Mason forefathers or make them proud?
I have one more corner of the house that I plan to extend the stone wall around (if my knees, back and wrists hold up!), and then I will install the block border (seen started in photo 4) that will define the garden space, separating the Wildflowers from the lawn. Have I mentioned that I still have to plant the Wildflower seeds? Ugh. After that I have the Sunflower Plot and the Vegetable Garden to plant and then (if I am still alive) I will be DONE with landscaping/gardening projects for the year! Of course I’m desperately hoping all of this can be achieved before Memorial Day as I just received a new N.A.W.A. exhibition competition invitation, which means I now have another DEADLINE starting June 5th! Tick Tock! I also have some medallion organizing to do; Monica’s Medallion Party is next Friday, May 22nd! And don't forget the Montshire Museum of Science Benefit Auction is tomorrow night! Hope to see you there! :)


Lynne said...

Looks fabulous..... I hope you are not broken for too long becuase of this project but the results are definetly worth your efforts.

maria z said...

You've done such an AMAZING job....once again!!!
Good luck with the NAWA exhibition and the medallion party!
Miss you!

RockerJewlz said...

Wow, looks good to me!

Kathy2eggs said...

Fantastic work....I'm in awe!!!

Leah said...

so, did you get it all done in time? the wall looks great!

bobbi a. chukran said...

LOVE it, Amy! OMG, it's gorgeous, and fits your house perfectly. I DO miss my rocks from the old house! I need rocks!

bobbi c.

Anonymous said...

I love your work - it looks amazing! Can't wait to see it all with the gardens filling in.

Hope all's well,


Amy E. Fraser said...