Friday, June 12, 2009

Forest Playground

Here are some shots of Caden’s swing set in its new location in our backyard forest:

I was forbidden from sharing the photo where Caden swung his shorts off – literally! It was a blurry action shot but I actually caught the crazy kid losing his shorts mid swing! Hilarious! I was also unable to include the *money shot* depicting the overview of his new play space located deep into it’s forest setting with it’s magnificent spotlight of sun shining through the trees (technical difficulties). The new forest playground is quite charming really; in fact it’s so lovely our wild animals have taken to playing there when Caden isn’t. So far I’ve seen deer munching along the path and the turkeys, crows and woodpeckers have had a ball digging around in the freshly turned earth. I’m thinking the raccoons use the slide while we are asleep and I’m half expecting to see the new fawns on the swing set some morning! It could happen.

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