Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Medallion Parties

Once again I apologize for the delayed party reports, but as I stated in the previous post, things have been unbelievably hectic at the Exalted Beauty studio! First of all I’d like to report that Exalted Beauty Medallion sales have now surpassed the 2000 mark! Very exciting!

Marvelous Monica’s Medallion Party was held in West Lebanon on Friday May 22nd. It was a lovely event where I was introduced to some great new Exalted Ones from Monica’s work (including a fabulous local artist) and I was also able to reconnect with some of the ladies I hadn’t seen for a while. Exalted Beauty Representative Lynn was there on the scene doing her thing despite just coming off her last shift in the extremely chaotic first week of her exciting new career as a nurse! However whatever lag my fabulous assistant Lynn may have felt, it was unnoticed and probably more then compensated for by the adorably sassy young Dawson (7) who took over Lynn’s job and kept the event running smoothly with her precision bagging and spot-on customer assistance. Dawson was a hit and I’m thinking I’ll have to employ her for future events! A good time was had by all. Sales trends were pretty even across the board, about a third of the sales were flowers, a third Mindworks and a third geometrics. Green was once again the most popular color of the evening.

Nubile Nancy’s Medallion Party was held in Lyme on Saturday May 30th. The beautiful and vivacious Nancy (my Aunt-In-Law) is on the top 5 list of the biggest medallion junkies in the Upper Valley – for which she has my undying gratitude! In fact, Nancy (and her divine Daughter-In-Law Jackie) were the primary motivation behind the creation of the recent Flourish collection as they both have an addiction to my floral medallions. I’m happy to report that Nancy is now the proud owner of EIGHT Flourish medallions! And who knows how many other flowers from previous collections? I’m pretty sure Nancy has enough to wear a different medallion every day for three months! The food and drinks were magnificent of course and Nancy’s new sunroom was a fantastic spot to set up shop. The exceptionally superb Erin (Cousin-In-Law and a fellow OCDer!) was an enormous help with set up and breakdown, not to mention brain function, as I was suffering from what has now become a monstrous sinus infection. I am extremely grateful for her assistance and I had a wonderful time catching up. Diane was a riot with all of her artist questions and Melissa and Darcy are absolutely going to rock those new medallions! It was a really great time, lots of fun and laughs. Caden was especially thrilled to be able to stop by before the event to be spoiled by the ladies as he assured me they must have missed him since they hadn’t see him in so long. Sales trends were once again across the board, about half were in fact flowers, but from various collections, the rest were geometrics, including one brave purchase of a Lifespark (you GO Jackie!).

Well, that sums up the recent Exalted Beauty Medallion happenings! I’m looking forward to the next Exalted Beauty Medallion party at Melissa’s house in Meriden on Saturday July 25th!

Don’t forget to check the Exalted Beauty Medallion Catalogs to see if your piece is still available!

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