Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wildflower Paintings

These three species of Wildflowers are currently blooming in my Wildflower Meadow and will be the first subjects in my new Wildflower painting series:

Blackberry Blossoms



I‘m hoping desperately to have some of the new Wildflower paintings completed in time for the Sixteenth Annual Juried Summer Exhibition competition deadline coming up at AVA June 20th as well as for the 20th Annual Art Show in Plainfield July 2nd. However, time is flying by, lots of other events happening in the same time frame so I’m feeling pretty doubtful about being able to complete new work in time. However, I did complete one new painting tentatively entitled “House in the Meadow” that I will share with you soon. I’m very interested in hearing your thoughts on that piece.

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Semi Permanent Make Up said...

wonderful flowers.the is the natural beauty.i appreciate it very much.