Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sneak Preview

Here is a first look at the finish on the new Exalted Beauty Wildflower Medallion collection:

If you would like a closer look at these fun new floral medallions, please join us for the Powerful Gals Charity benefit where I will be presenting the completed Wildflower collection! (A huge variety of Exalted Beauty Medallions from all the other collections will also be on display).

Powerful Gals Charity Benefit

* Friday, July 31st 6 o'clock At the Workout Studio, West Lebanon, NH
* Cocktails, Refreshments, Music, Raffles, Give-Aways and Munchies will be provided!
* Casual Dress - Be Comfortable
* Come Enjoy - 6-8 PM
* First 30 women will receive amazing gift bags!
* Ms. Keely will draw a $500 Personal Training Give-Away
(winner must be present to receive)
* Other giveaways and a great opportunity to network & learn more about PowerfulGals
* The $20 door fee will be donated to fighting hunger - KP Point to Point $10,000 goal.

* Contact Keely at: www.theworkoutstudio.com - if you want to RSVP

We can't wait to see you!

Melissa’s Party Report

Marvelous Melissa threw an exceptional Medallion soirée this past Saturday afternoon! It was a great time! The guest list consisted of many new beautiful women that I am honored to have met; they are all the perfect models to showcase the Exalted Beauty Medallions! And as always I was thrilled to see my most awesome long term medallion junkies in action adding to their already extensive Exalted jewelry collections! Melissa’s dining room was a superbly open and sunny venue in which to set up shop, where I displayed over 700 pieces! Sales trends were pretty much across the board; flowers from all collections were selected as well as a wide variety of geometrics and even a few animal medallions, but the Daybreak collection was the most notable favorite of the day (it could have been due to the exposure to the sun where they truly do glow like the sun at Daybreak). :)

Divine Darcy and her darling daughters booked their medallion event for August 29th. I’m really looking forward to that!

Keely’s “Powerful Gals” Medallion Party/Fundraiser is happening THIS Friday night! July 31st, 6 pm at The Workout Studio in West Lebanon, NH. Stay tuned to get a sneak peek the new Exalted Beauty Wildflower Medallions and to find out more about the Powerful Gals event!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Work In Progress

Here is the first look at my NEW Exalted Beauty Wildflower Medallion collection (in progress):

I am VERY excited about how the Wildflower Medallions are coming along! I think this is my favorite collection so far!

Look closely at the Wildflower Photos I’ve presented here on the blog and see if you can figure out which species served as the inspirational basis of the new Wildflower Medallion designs!

In related Exalted Beauty Medallion news, I am really looking forward to Melissa’s Medallion party tomorrow as well as Keely’s Mega Medallion party/Foodbank Fundraiser that is happening next Friday, July 31st!

Everyone is welcome to attend Keely’s party!
It’s happening Friday July 31st!
Sponsored by Powerful Gal!
Starts at 6 pm!
At The Workout Studio in West Lebanon!
There will be fabulous gift bags, prizes, a $500 drawing for Personal Training in The Workout Studio or Online Training and lots of adult beverages! It is going to be a blast! And you will be supporting a great cause! :)

And as an added bonus I plan to present the first showing of the new Exalted Beauty Wildflower Medallion collection at this event! Don’t miss it!

Gloriosa Daisy

Clustered Bellflower

Saint John’s-Wort


Tiger Lily


Black Eyed Susan

Creeping Bellflower


Here are some of the Wildflower Meadow’s daily visitors:

As much as I adore these agile beauties I do so resent the fact that they ate my ENTIRE sunflower crop, not once, but twice! No wonder they always hang around here – we offer the best deer buffet in town!

Wildflower Meadow

Want to join me for a walk down the Wildflower Meadow path?

I’m trying to imagine that it’s not raining AGAIN as I escape into the picture of the sun shiny day above and listen to the birds sing, the bees buzz and the woodland animals go about their daily routines. I’m taking a quick break from the intense medallion making marathon I’ve been doing the past week and a half as I relax here in the *virtual* meadow for a bit and then I’m off to Hanover to watch Caden play his final game at the last day of Dartmouth’s Elite Hockey Camp!
So before I head out for a cold day on the ice, I’ll leave you with some warm and sunny inspirational photos of what’s currently growing in the Wildflower Meadow and then present a sneak peak (teaser alert!) at my new Exalted Beauty Wildflower Medallions! Stay tuned! Lots of floral fabulousness coming up next!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fraser Family

We just had the most AMAZING weekend with my family! My cousin Alex and his wife Pam, and their incredible children came here from Indiana to stay with us for some very exciting Fraser family events! I was so thrilled that they were able to arrive on Friday in time for the AVA opening! Which was a Blast! It was really special to have them all there and to share my friends and Jody’s family with them! We also enjoyed sharing our home and town with mountain hikes, a tour of Kimball Union Academy and even a trip to the local swimming hole! And I can’t tell you how much I loved the early morning walks with Pam (she couldn’t be nicer or more fabulous!). However, the main purpose of their visit was the Fraser Family Reunion where 75 Fraser’s gathered together in the Vermont homeland. Our cousin Rob was the mastermind behind the event and really had it planned to the minute. Unfortunately we were late and missed some of the big moments, er like the MEAL and the family photo! But overall it was great to see all the clan members and get a real perspective on our heritage/lineage. We had another smaller Fraser get together at our place that was lots of fun with Alex making *Big Meat* and sharing his fabulous new signature hot sauce! My awesome cousin Shana and her husband Lee and their adorable gang of heathens were here as well as my Dad and Step-Mother and my favorite Uncle John, *Aussie* and Carol! It was SO much fun! The kids seemed like they had a great time and I know it was an experience Caden will never forget. Its times like these when you realize how unbelievably important it is to get to know your family and truly share with your children who you are and where and what you come from so they have a better sense of self, roots and connection. Yes I’m still experiencing a bit of emotional overload!

Here are a few shots of the cutest *Fraser* kids ever:

We had the best time and are looking forward to doing it again soon!

Plainfield 4th

Here are some photos from our 4th of July experience in Plainfield:

We enjoyed the Art Exhibition, Quilt Show and then participated in the Plainfield Parade experience:

Caden’s favorite part is catching the candy! As you can see from the frightening display below, he worked up quite a sweat getting the goods; apparently he’s so focused on the task that he can’t even look at his Mama long enough for a picture:

But there were a few cuter (less sweaty) moments like this one with his friend Curtis:

And then after the parade, during the Didehbani annual 4th of July party, there was my “
Lord of the Flies” moment where the children took over the Piñata event. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

Other then the above heart stopping seconds of (probably irrational) fear, the rest of the day was phenomenal! We had an amazing time with wonderful people and the best fajitas and strawberry shortcake on earth!