Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The corner of my stone wall has caused me quite a bit of angst as of late. It seems that the consistent rain has severely affected the stone wall’s stability and it has chosen to have not one but two recent avalanches in the past few weeks!

Here is the original version:

Here is version number two after the first crash:

And here is the corner wall’s current state:

I was devastated by the first crash not only because the rocks killed off so many beautiful young healthy plants but also because I was about to have my cousin’s family staying with me as well as a house and garden tour/BBQ for the rest of the Fraser clan the following Sunday to show off our recent progress. You can imagine my dismay over this unfortunate turn of events so I gave up two key days of cleaning and organizing for my upcoming guests to do stone wall repair. Ugh! But I completed the work and made a pretty good looking second version (if I must say so myself!) with time to spare but then the day before their arrival it rained like crazy and the corner came down AGAIN! Argh! I was completely disappointed but not surprised because I hadn’t done the advised adjustments/prep to the ground that my father, an honest to goodness stone expert, had suggested. I was hoping to deal with that this fall after the plants had grown and gone dormant, but no such luck. Anyway, just thought I’d share the trials and tribulations of my recent landscape project. Moral of the story? I’m hoping to prove the idiom *Third Time’s The Charm* true!

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