Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Melissa’s Party Report

Marvelous Melissa threw an exceptional Medallion soirée this past Saturday afternoon! It was a great time! The guest list consisted of many new beautiful women that I am honored to have met; they are all the perfect models to showcase the Exalted Beauty Medallions! And as always I was thrilled to see my most awesome long term medallion junkies in action adding to their already extensive Exalted jewelry collections! Melissa’s dining room was a superbly open and sunny venue in which to set up shop, where I displayed over 700 pieces! Sales trends were pretty much across the board; flowers from all collections were selected as well as a wide variety of geometrics and even a few animal medallions, but the Daybreak collection was the most notable favorite of the day (it could have been due to the exposure to the sun where they truly do glow like the sun at Daybreak). :)

Divine Darcy and her darling daughters booked their medallion event for August 29th. I’m really looking forward to that!

Keely’s “Powerful Gals” Medallion Party/Fundraiser is happening THIS Friday night! July 31st, 6 pm at The Workout Studio in West Lebanon, NH. Stay tuned to get a sneak peek the new Exalted Beauty Wildflower Medallions and to find out more about the Powerful Gals event!

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