Friday, July 24, 2009

Work In Progress

Here is the first look at my NEW Exalted Beauty Wildflower Medallion collection (in progress):

I am VERY excited about how the Wildflower Medallions are coming along! I think this is my favorite collection so far!

Look closely at the Wildflower Photos I’ve presented here on the blog and see if you can figure out which species served as the inspirational basis of the new Wildflower Medallion designs!

In related Exalted Beauty Medallion news, I am really looking forward to Melissa’s Medallion party tomorrow as well as Keely’s Mega Medallion party/Foodbank Fundraiser that is happening next Friday, July 31st!

Everyone is welcome to attend Keely’s party!
It’s happening Friday July 31st!
Sponsored by Powerful Gal!
Starts at 6 pm!
At The Workout Studio in West Lebanon!
There will be fabulous gift bags, prizes, a $500 drawing for Personal Training in The Workout Studio or Online Training and lots of adult beverages! It is going to be a blast! And you will be supporting a great cause! :)

And as an added bonus I plan to present the first showing of the new Exalted Beauty Wildflower Medallion collection at this event! Don’t miss it!

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