Sunday, August 16, 2009

Duxbury Beach

We just had the most phenomenal weekend at Duxbury Beach on The Cape. The weather couldn’t have been better! It was an absolutely perfect mini-vacation. We discovered the extremely charming Duxbury Beach on the way back from our Cape Cod adventure two years ago and had our hearts set on returning for a longer visit. Duxbury was as fabulous as we remembered and well worth the drive. We fell in love with its miles of beautiful clean beach, became nostalgic over the retro 1940’s style Bathhouse, and enjoyed a most excellent seafood dinner at Blakeman’s famous restaurant. Here are a few moments from our fantastic Duxbury Beach trip:

Caden had a great time collecting sea shells and discovering the joy of hermit crabs. I think observing the hermit crabs in their natural habitat was much more thrilling to him then seeing them in cages on the Hampton Beach strip. The hermit crab pictured above (in Jody’s hand) was as tiny as a bug but we saw quite an interesting array of sizes and shell colors (apparently I was so captivated by these little critters I forgot to take more pictures). Hermit crabs were not the only sea creatures Caden got to play with, he found out what it was like to swim with the fishes when a huge striped bass brushed right past him. Okay, so not quite a Dolphin ride, but still fun. Caden also enjoyed digging a giant hole in the sand which caught the eye of other boys that soon joined in the fun. It really was a perfect beach experience. I highly recommend a trip to
Duxbury Beach.

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Anonymous said...

Two of my closest friends from Castleton - came from Duxbury. Such a beautiful place - so glad you discovered it!